10 rules of the poker donkey

  1. Never fold a face card.
  2. Anything suited is calling for a big bet!
  3. Never let someone bluff you out of the pot if you hold an Ace with anything. You could catch an A on the river and squash them.
  4. Always share your exceptional knowledge of the game with others who are not playing up to your standards.
  5. When you suck out with the only card on the river that could win, make sure and comment about how your mastery of the game should never be ignored.
  6. ATC (any two cards). The poker gods could at anytime choose to grant you an incredible suck out!
  7. Never read poker books! You are the giver of advice not the taker.
  8. Always slow play your good hands. The poker gods love patience.
  9. Never fold from the blinds. This shows weakness.
  10. If you lose to anyone stand up and yell “Donkey” at them. Let them know it was luck and nothing more that let them beat you!

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