The Texas Hold’Em Table Top is Here!


This table top is the epitome of convenience and is very solid  and durable. This 8 player position poker table comes complete with removable trays for poker chips and a drink holder. The table’s felt is marked with a yellow border, signifying the “live area” in which to bet and where your community cards would lie.

This table top has a really nice feel to it.
The best thing about this table top is its convenience. It is very easy to travel with as it fits into the trunk of a car. Its not very heavy for travel but it is solid enough for durable use. Folding the table reduces the size to 20″ by 36″ for easy storage in a closet or under a bed.

The table is made from 1/2 inch wood and covered with a professional style green felt. It is a FULL SIZE 80″ x 36″ table top which fits very nicely onto a card table or any kitchen table and instantly transforms it into a poker table.

Features Include:
 Free Black Nylon Carrying Bag with Heavy Duty 2 Way Zipper & Double Strap Handle!
New Trays have 2 spring loaded pins for a secure fit into the table!

Play like a pro anywhere you go! Not only is this a full size 79″ x 36″ Tabletop, but it also compactly folds to 36″ x 22″ and includes its own travel bag!

Other features include:
Seats up to 8 Players
 Exclusive Padded Rail for Comfort (No other table top has this)Casino Quality Green Felt
Exclusive Hold’em Graphics

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